About the Man Behind This Unique System – William Kwan

A native of Hong Kong, William has over four decades of stock trading experience in one of the most vibrant financial capital of the world.  He was among the first group of people who was able to obtain the prestigious Far East Exchange Ltd stock broker license in the early 1970’s, one of the predecessors of Hong Kong Stock Exchange today.

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, architecture degree and a thirst to learn and analyze, the world of stock and financial analysis proves to be a fascinating and challenging endeavor for William.  There is never short of new ways to analyze and to evaluate how a stock is performing.  He quickly became a student of technical analysis and is very good at it.


William weathered the 1973-74 stock market crash, Black Monday in 1987, 1990-91 recession, Dot.com bubble in the early 2000 and the financial crisis in the late 2000’s.  He has worked with countless stock traders from all walks of life over the years, some spend numerous hours performing technical analysis to identify a few strong stocks, others rely on “hot stocks” or “tips” from others to trade but yet no one can have a handle on all the stocks in a given index or can quickly select a stock with confidence.  A natural enquirer, William thought to himself that there must be a better and easier way to pick a stock without spending hours in technical analysis.  The idea stuck with him until he finally came up with a practical solution in 2007.

Based on his extensive experiences in the stock market over the decades as well as his knowledge on technical analysis and basic programming, William wrote a proprietary program that can evaluate all the listed stocks in a given index at once. This gives rise to the unique myStockPoint system.

The objective of myStockPoint.com system is to provide a means for anyone, whether a newbie or a seasoned trader to be able to identify good strong stock with little or no technical analysis from any of the listed stock in an index in very little time.

Ever since the program was completed in 2007, William has tested the system in bullish and bearish markets and even in bad economic times. Time and time again, myStockPoint.com system produces objective results and strong indicators of the overall health of the stock market.

William wants to share the essence of his over 40 years of work with all those who wants some action of the stock market, and those who want to broaden their horizon of always trading the same stocks and those who love technical analysis but want to dramatically cut down the time in zooming in on a few strong stocks.  He hopes that you enjoy this unique, asy to use system and spread the word for him.